Published Commentaries Quoting or Written about Dr. Smith’s Research

A&U America's AIDS Magazine, Oct 2015 "What are the barriers to cure research" pp 58-60. An interview with HC Smith by J. Wraight

International Innovation, Starting Up the Road to Invention an interview on drug discovery and starting a biotech company in the area of HIV/AIDS (2015) p 80-2



A&U America’s AIDS Magazine,  Deeper End of the Ocean  an article describing host restriction factors. Issue 232 (February 2104) p52

Genetic & Engineering News Wall Street BioBeat ( )

HIV Haven blog on Vif , A3G and the leadership position OyaGen, Inc has established in drug discovery on these targets ( ).

Editorials in Rochester Business Journal on Dr. Smith’s company OyaGen, Inc’s effort to work through the economic downturn.

Personal Television interviews for channel 9 and 13 news 01/2004 and 09/24/2010.

Democrat and Chronicle, Business section 10D OyaGen blazing path toward anti-AIDS drug.  The article describes the discovery that patients that are more resistant to HIV known as long term nonprogressors express high levels of APOBEC3G (September, 1, 2005). 

The D&C also published an article on H.C. Smith and OyaGen on January 12, 2004 and September 25, 2010.

The Rochester Business Journal also published an article on January 8, 2010 and September 24, 2010.

Career and Life Profile:

Letters received from Congresswomen Louis Slaughter acknowledging Dr. Smith receipt of NIH funding.

Dr. Smith’s life and career highlighted in Dean David Guzick’s monthly newsletter in 2004.

Democrat and Chronicle, Business section 10D ‘UR fund invests in HIV fighter’.  The article describes OyaGen, Inc as a start-up focusing on HIV therapeutics (January 13, 2004).

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, News Letter Published letter to the editor from HCS on undergraduate and premed curricula for science education (January, 2003).

S. Jacob, 'Biotech Researcher Works to Crack Secrets of Editing' in Rochester Business Journal.  The article describes discoveries by HCS and others in the field of RNA editing and underscores biotech investment opportunities (July 19, 2002). 

K.A. Thiel, 'RNA Editing: Reading our Genetic Diversity, Through a Glass, Darkly' in Doubletwist Inc, Extensive quotations from interviews with HCS and other leaders in the field exclaiming the urgency to understand RNA editing in the context of the proteinome initiative (2000).

Promega Bench Press, 'Customer Corner' Background and Perspectives on HC Smith as a Promega Express Freezer Program manager  (December, 1999).
L. Chan & P. Seeburg, 'RNA Editing' in Scientific American Science and Medicine volume 2, #2 pp. 68-77.  The article credits HCS for several vital discoveries in the field while at the University of Rochester (1995).